hi :)

hello! my name is laivan, but even i dont know how to pronounce it, so you can also call me michael ^^

i am a queer trans man, and my pronouns are he/it/they/she!

i am 15 years old and white.

i run the most based twitter bots in the wild wild west: @michaeltma and @michaelebooks

you can contact me on my twitter accounts @shiveringabel and @doglaivan, and on my tumblr trender-riley.

if you wish to contact me for a map, zine, or commission, my business email is shiveringabel@gmail.com, but dms work too.

my commission info and extended portfolio is here! along with my other characters and designs i am selling

i would kindly request you do not interact with my profiles if you find yourself agreeing with, or identify as a transmed or terf,
if you pit queer people against each other in general, if you ship incest or pedophillia (ESPECIALLY if you brag about it/identify
as a "pro-shipper" or w/e), if you use either/any of the blue gay/mlm/achillean flags (flag discourse is below me, it just makes me
dysphoric), or if you kin michael shelley/distortion.