I am michael. please do not iteract if you kin me.
i have delusions and paranoia relating to the entities from tma, please dni if you treat them like fun personality types to identify with. (have stuff like spiral & eye aligned in ur bio)
if we are already mutuals you are probably fine and dont have to sb me.
(i will not block people for kinning me on the michael bot. dont worry abt interacting with that.)

octo's stuff

octo's carrd
octo's pronouny

please tag these!

blaming anything on someone being on social media as a minor
"uwu" or "owo"
minors hornyposting
the band/musician she/her/hers
MAG177: wonderland

a catch-all is "riley dont look" or "rdl"

things that i tag


are a truscum/transmed
are a terf/transphobe
are a antianti/proshipper
are anti he/theysbians
are a bi/pan/mspec lesbian supporter
are a nsfw account
are a map/nomap/pedo
believe in hetero/cisphobia or reverse racism
believe non lesbians can reclaim the d slur
believe that the whole lgbt community can say the f slur
think that lesbians can be attracted to trans men
think j/hn and june can coexist/are a j/hnliker
ship jonelias or petermartin
elias or peter apologist


dm me if im following someone or ship something bad without knowing
i may rt untagged horror art on main
please tell me if i forget to tag your trigger
i am not able to tag most of my interests and most characters from those interests.
i often skip pesterlogs/walls of text in hs/ve so im sorry if i mischaracterize characters or dont recognize if theyre manipulative.
i have a hard time recognizing patterns of abuse, which feeds into the above.